Holidays in Morocco what you need to know

Holidays in Morocco: what you need to know

For the sole purpose of beach holidays go to Morocco in 2023 is not worth it, for this there are places more comfortable in every way (eg, Tunisia). But to try the local cuisine, watch the amazing sunsets and historical sites – definitely. For all its shortcomings, Morocco is an interesting and noteworthy country.

Where is the best place to vacation in Morocco and how much does it cost? Prices in 2023 for tours, hotels, food, entertainment. Beach vacation. Reviews and tips from seasoned tourists.

Morocco is an amazing country. There is much to see here: sandy beaches, cedar and citrus bushes at the foot of the mountains, waterfalls, gorges, desert. This natural splendor together with the buildings of the Eastern and colonial architecture is very impressive. An important factor in attracting tourists on holiday is its exoticism, and at the same time affordability, because the prices in Morocco are not too high.

Entry conditions. Visa for Russians is not required. All restrictions are removed, you only need to fill out a form (except for children under 12 years).

Tours and Tickets to Morocco in 2023

Prices for holidays in Morocco in 2023. Direct flights between Moscow and Casablanca are again available from May 3, 2023. Tickets cost from 48,000 ₽ round trip when purchased several months in advance. Other cities can be reached by connecting in Istanbul or Cairo. Tours are also available to Agadir, but with a connection (Casablanca or Istanbul). Stays of 8 nights in a 4 * hotel cost from 200,000 ₽ for two people. You can buy the tour on Travelate.

Tourist reviews of vacations in Morocco

According to tourist reviews, holidays in Morocco are interesting, although not always safe, especially for women traveling without men. Agadir, Essaouira, and Casablanca are the nation’s three most well-liked resort cities.. Vacationers go on tours, surfing, play golf and tennis, sunbathing and swimming at the beach.

Morocco’s best beach vacation in 2023 is in the “white” city of Agadir and bohemian Essaouira. It has everything for a serene beach holiday: hotels, restaurants, stores and entertainment venues. Agadir is the capital of beach tourism and surfing in Morocco. Essaouira is an ancient city and one of the cultural centers of the country with narrow streets, a colorful oriental market and lots of shops. It often hosts festivals and international exhibitions, and all the creative elite of Morocco and some European countries flock here for a vacation.

Casablanca has comfortable white sand beaches and ancient architectural buildings, the most famous of which is the Hassan II mosque. There is not much greenery in the city, which is not surprising, given the geographical position of the country.

Marrakech is a major city and the former capital of Morocco. Tourists go here for excursions, there is no sea and no beaches. The main attractions – the Koutoubia mosque of the 12th century with a luxurious garden and the famous Djema el-Fna square. Every evening on the square shows with magicians, snake charmers and nimble traders begin. The square is always crowded and it is easy for tourists to fall prey to pickpockets.

According to tourist reviews, the disadvantages of vacationing in Morocco are the cool water in the ocean and hotels, which do not meet the criteria of stardom. Even in July and August at a heat of +40 ° C the water can be invigorating, and the coast of the warmer Mediterranean Sea in Morocco is often precipitous.

Another drawback is that there are problems with communication. The local population knows almost no English, you need to speak French or Arabic. Good French is spoken here, even by young children. Before the trip is advised to learn basic words in Arabic and French (at least the numbers – it helped us a lot), especially in Arabic – the locals are very happy when you say hello, goodbye or say “thank you” in their language (“shukran” – “thank you” in Arabic). It also helps to have a phrase book.

Women often complain about being molested by locals and do not recommend going to Morocco unaccompanied.

In our opinion, the population of northern Morocco is different from southern Morocco: the north is more developed, tourists are used to and not as warmly treated as in small towns and villages in the south.

Beach vacations in Morocco

The beaches in Morocco are sandy and wide, they are cleaned daily. The main resorts are located on the Atlantic coast, the Mediterranean coast is less popular because of the high coast, although the water is warmer there. Most beaches are municipal.

Cultural and sightseeing holidays in Morocco

Read about the most interesting places in our reviews: “What to see in Morocco” and “Itinerary of a trip to Morocco”.

Excursion holidays in Morocco are well developed, except that there are not too many boat trips. There are interesting excursions in all popular cities, look for them on Tripster – choose a program to your liking, look at the rating and reviews of tourists to choose the best. The Casablanca, Marrakech and Fez sightseeing tours are especially popular. The secret oyster farm near Casablanca and the trip to the Atlas Mountains are of great interest. Prices depend on the intensity and duration of the program, usually in the range 50-150 euros per person.

If you want to get the most out of a vibrant country like Morocco, take a multi-day sightseeing tour. Many amazing programs can be found on Tripster and The duration of such tours is from 7 to 15 days. The cost starts from $ 900 per person.

Holidays with children in Morocco: is it worth going?

Hotel question in Morocco is a separate issue – the favorite of our compatriots “all inclusive” system is not widespread in the country, and here it is difficult to find a hotel with animation and special meals for children. Instead of entertainment – beaches and water parks, fairytale town in Casablanca and the zoo in Agadir. It is desirable to find a hotel with a children’s pool, because the water in the ocean is often cold, besides the wave often rises.

Nutrition – a sore point for parents. Holidays with children in Morocco is complicated by the fact that the local chefs put spices in the dish, and the children refuse to eat, feeling the unfamiliar taste. In Marrakech, Casablanca, Agadir, there are special cafes for children, but they are not so many, so parents are better to rely on the integrity of the cooks and ask them not to use spices, or order a child’s vegetable stew, chicken and other harmless dishes without pretensions to the exotic.

As for excursions, the mountainous landscape will make them very tedious. Trips along the serpentine, slides and hills, steps – all this is not for young children. Parents will have to carry them in their arms (in a kangaroo) or refuse to travel in the country.

Reviews of prices in Morocco in 2023

In general, the prices of hotels in Morocco are acceptable. Consider hotels in Agadir – that’s where the bulk of tourists stay. Here are the prices for summer 2023 for a room for two people. In low season prices are slightly reduced. A night in a modest but decent three-star Tagadirt Appart-Hotel 3* costs from $35, in a good four-star hotel Kenzi Europa 4* – from $125. A room in the excellent hotel Sofitel Agadir Thalassa Sea & Spa 5* by the sea in the summer costs from $ 300 a day. Hotels in some distance from the beach are cheaper. It is recommended to search and book hotels at – there is a good choice and it accepts all Russian cards for payment.

If you do not book a hotel full board, you can have lunch or dinner at a cafe for about $ 10-15 (at eateries for local prices are much lower). Going to a nightclub is expensive: at least $45 plus drinks. At the market you can buy fresh fruit, vegetables and fish cheaply.

The most budget entertainment that is available – riding camels and quad bikes (about 10-20 $). Playing golf or tennis costs about $15-20 per hour. Inexpensive wellness treatments at the spa: a session costs from $15.

When best to go on vacation in Morocco

Holiday season in Morocco lasts from late May to October. In June, there are a lot of locals on the beaches, and for swimming it is warmest in July and September. Daytime temperatures are +32 ° C and above, the water is +24 ° C. Holidays at sea in Morocco in August and September are comfortable – it was in these months we traveled around the country.

Excursions are better rescheduled for October-November or March-April, when the air temperature is +23 ° C, and the ocean is cool for swimming.

Winter in Morocco is wet and windy, often raining with fog. In January and February, there are ski resorts. Ucaymeden and Ifrane are the most beautiful places to ski, but the infrastructure is not yet too developed to recommend them.

Tips for tourists

Morocco is a Muslim country, so the clothes must be as decent and closed as possible. By the way, shorts can also cause disapproval of others, so the rule is the same for men and for women.

In the market you should not buy immediately the thing you like. It is customary here to haggle, and the price you can safely divide by 3. If there is no plan to buy, then you should not enter into an argument with the traders, they can get seriously angry and even insulted.

Before buying products at the market or ordering food in a cafe, as well as before boarding a cab always specify (or better – write) the price, so that then you were not asked for a different amount.

Do not ask a passerby to show you the way; it’s better to ask a policeman or a store owner. People here are enterprising, they may volunteer to escort you, and then insist on demanding a rewar

It is believed that the best beach holiday in Morocco is in Agadir – there are excellent beaches with white sand. They are very clean and are regularly patrolled by the police. In Agadir, the shallow water – up to 30 meters from the shore, which is convenient when vacationing with little ones. Not far from the resort in a suburban village is another beach Tagazud – no hotels there, but umbrellas and sun loungers are available.

In the southwest of Morocco stretches the most famous beach of the country, Legzira, surrounded by brick-colored rocks. You can get there on your own or as part of a tour group. The place is very picturesque, the beach is almost deserted. The best time to visit – at sunset and in cloudy weather, when the fog falls and the waves rise. It is interesting there at low tide – the coral reefs are exposed. Legzira is popular with surfers because of the strong waves, but it is not always comfortable to swim here. Recommended to visit this place until the hotels on the shore and few tourists.

Surfers also like Essaouira because the wind often blows and the waves are high. The bottom is shallow, the water is shallow and the tides are strong. In Casablanca, the beaches are mostly artificial, the ocean often swells, so most hotels have swimming pools.

Not a bad beach holiday in Morocco in 2023 can be found in Assila – another cultural center of Morocco. Various music festivals are held here. The beach is long and wide, with golden sand. The bottom is also gentle, but the ocean is cool.

One has to be especially careful on the road. Traffic rules in Morocco are poorly enforced, and during Ramadan carriers are on the verge of a nervous breakdown – most of them are heavy smokers, and on holiday smoking is prohibited.

Absolutely all tourists in their reviews indicate that being in Morocco on holiday, be sure to buy the local oranges or freshly squeezed juice. Such delicious and fragrant citrus fruits as in Morocco, you can’t try anywhere else!

Read our review of our trip to Morocco on our own – the post has information on how to get to Casablanca, how much hotels and food cost, suggested itinerary around the country and more.

Before the trip is strongly recommended to pack a travel kit.

For the sole purpose of beach holidays go to Morocco in 2023 is not worth it, for this there are places more comfortable in every way (eg, Tunisia). But to try the local cuisine, watch the amazing sunsets and historical sites – definitely. For all its shortcomings, Morocco is an interesting and noteworthy country.

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