Some attractive landscapes in Morocco

Marrakech, the Charm Red City.

This must-see place has nothing to hide, but it never fails to enchant its visitors. The Pearl of the South, as it is called here, has changed a lot in recent years, but it is still a fascinating and surprising sight. This is where most travelers disembark, and we can say that the change in the landscape is immediately striking. The huge Jemaa-el-Fna square and its constant bustle, the smells, colors and noise of the souks, the magnificent palaces and mosques? It is impossible to remain indifferent!


Despite its popularity, there is much we do not know about Marrakech. And it is on these aspects that I want to focus when I show the city to foreigners. For example, I take them to the Jardin de l’Anima by André Heller, to the tanners’ quarter where they can learn the secrets and techniques of leather processing, and to many other surprises that allow them to discover Marrakech in a different way.

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Essaouira, the Moroccan Coastal-Paradise

Essaouira is also called the Moroccan Saint-Malo because of the fortress walls that surround the old town. With its facade open to the Atlantic Ocean and its white medina, classified by Unesco, it cannot be compared to Marrakech! That’s why I find it interesting to visit both cities on the same trip. Here, in Essaouira, it is rather quiet. The city attracts artists from all over the world who want to enjoy the special atmosphere of the old Mogador.


I often say that Essaouira embodies the soul of Morocco. It is impossible to overlook the various historical influences that have shaped the city, which, after belonging to the Berbers, passed through the hands of the Phoenicians, the Romans and the Portuguese. It is a versatile city that you should discover here. The charming white houses with blue shutters will probably remind you of Greek landscapes, the city walls that have protected the city since the 18th century. And then, with its narrow streets lined with riads and its typical oriental architecture, you will not forget for a second that you are visiting one of the most typical cities in Morocco!

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The Atlas Mountains, the eternal snow of Morocco (the mountains wear snow at winter one of the attractive landscapes in Morocco).


It is the perfect complement for a first trip to Morocco after visiting Marrakech and Essaouira. In the Atlas Mountains, an experience of pure renewal, an immersion in nature and an encounter with the Berber people awaits you. This colorful and emotional stage is especially recommended for trekking enthusiasts, as the region has dozens of kilometers of marked trails. You can discover the favorite hiking area for travelers: the Toubkal Djebel National Park. For me, it is one of the most magical places in Morocco, an incredibly diverse area with cliffs, fertile valleys, plateaus and dense green forests. Far less known, but no less surprising is the region of M’Goun. Here, too, you have the opportunity to cross majestic ridges, plains, gorges and snow-covered cirques. The Upper Atlas is also home to some winter resorts where you can ski even in the middle of winter.

The Valley of Aït Bouguemez in the heart of the High Atlas Mountains

Finally, I recommend you to leave the beaten Moroccan paths and discover a region offers a breathtaking views of landscapes: the valley of Aït Bouguemez. This little visited high mountain region is nicknamed “Happy Valley”, which gives it a special charm. After all, how many places in the world do we know where consumerism and mass tourism have not ruined everything? Let me warn you right at the beginning: it will be hard for you to leave the valley and you will have only one thought: to return there as soon as possible to enjoy the sobriety!

During your stay in the Aït Bouguemez valley, you will have the opportunity to meet Berbers in small remote villages. You can also go hiking to admire the magnificent landscapes of the region. More than a million years ago, the valley was partially covered by a large lake and inhabited by dinosaurs. Their gigantic footprints can still be seen today, immortalized in limestone tablets.