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Flag of Morocco

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Flag of Morocco;The Kingdom of Morocco is a North African country with a rich history and culture that combines Arab and European traditions. The modern official symbol of the state was fully formed at the beginning of the 20th century, but became widely used only after 1956. The Moroccan flag is revered by the inhabitants of the country and is a matter of national pride.

Flag of Morocco;Story

The Moroccan flag went through several stages in its formation. From XI to XIII century it looked like a rectangle of red color with a square in the middle. The latter consisted of 64 black and white squares, which in their arrangement resembled a chessboard.

From 1666 to 1915, the main national symbol of the country had a very simple form – a cloth of uniform red color without any markings on it. Official changes occurred only when Morocco fell into colonial dependence on Spain. This period lasted until April 1956 and it was at this time that the upper left part of the flag was decorated with a white pentagram on a green background.

The modern version became widespread after Morocco’s independence. It was adopted in the fall of 1915 under Sultan Moulay Yusuf, but during the Spanish rule it was not allowed to use it. Moroccans are very proud of their flag, and it is often used to decorate the buildings of non-governmental organizations.

Flag of Morocco;Appearance

The flag of Morocco is a rectangular cloth of rich red color with an aspect ratio of 2:3. In the center of it is a green five-pointed star, which is encircled with a black outline. It consists of five straight lines that intersect each other.

Flag of Morocco;Symbolism

The color red has a special meaning for Moroccans. It is the symbol of the sheriffs of Mecca – the unshakable guardians of the holy cities. This honorary title was awarded only to the most noble representatives of the Sharia, whose duties included protecting the two most important Islamic cities: Mecca and Medina. Also red is strength and courage, a sign of belonging to the royal family.

The five-pointed star symbolizes a high level of spirituality and religiosity, it acts as a link that unites God and the inhabitants of Morocco. After all, in this Islamic country as nowhere strong traditions, and the Rulers are considered earthly representatives of the Prophet. The green color of the star further strengthens its connection with religion.

Why these colors. History of flags. Morocco.

The flag of this North African country, probably at first glance can be a little misleading or something…. Red flag, Star. Revolution or struggle of some kind. But it’s really not like that at all. The colors of the flag carry a very patriarchal, honored by all Moroccans traditions. The fact is that Red is the traditional color of the guardians of Mecca and Medina.

sacred cities for all Muslims. And these guardians are the most noble and honored people of the Shariah. That’s why the Red. The green star. It is the Star, not the crescent, and it indicates the connection of heavenly forces with the Moroccans, and the Green color indicates that most of them are Muslims….

Flag of Morocco;Flag of Morocco

Shape – rectangular

Approved – 1956

Proportions – 2 to 3.

Colors – red, green

The flag of the Kingdom of Morocco has a rectangular shape with an aspect ratio of 2 to 3. The flag is a red cloth with a green five-pointed star in the center. The diameter of the circle with which the star can be described should be equal to 19/45 of the width of the flag.

Flag of Morocco;Symbolism

The colors and images on the flag of Morocco have the following meanings:

Green is the symbol of Islam;

Red is the color of the ruling party;

Star – symbol of life and health.

Some sources state that the star symbolizes the five pillars of Islam.


Flag of Morocco;The first known flag used in what is now Morocco appeared in 1147. It was a red cloth with a checkered rectangle in the center.

In the Middle Ages, a single-color red flag was used on the territory of the country. The first mention of it dates back to 1666.

In November 1915, it was decided to depict a green pentagram on the flag so that it could be At the beginning of the twentieth century, most of the country fell under Franco-Spanish occupation. On March 31, 1919, the flag of the French zone was approved. The canvas of the Moroccan flag featured the flag of France in the upper left corner.distinguished from the banners of other Arab countries.

The official flag for the Spanish territory was adopted in 1930. It was a red cloth with a green rectangle in the upper left corner, which occupied a quarter of the flag. In the center of the rectangle was a golden star.

In 1956, Spain and France recognized Morocco‘s independence. The version approved in 1915 began to be used as the official flag.

Flag of Morocco;Other flags

The civil flag of Morocco is somewhat different from the national flag. It features a golden crown with a star in its upper left corner.

The Moroccan naval flag shows four crowns with a star in each corner of the flag.

A separate design was also developed for the guise (the flag used on the bow of a ship). It is a cut rectangle with a gold border and a green star in the center.



The national flag of Morocco is a rectangular flag colored red. In the center of the flag there is a pentagram star formed by a continuous ribbon of green color. The outline of the symbol is encircled with a thin black line.


Red shade of the flag is the traditional color of the sheriffs of Mecca – the sacred center of pilgrimage of Muslims. The green pentagram on the flag is a symbol of the seal of Solomon and the connection between God and the people of Morocco. The country’s official religion is Islam, and the rulers are considered descendants of the Prophet.

Flag of Morocco;History

The oldest flag of Morocco, used in the eleventh and thirteenth centuries, was a red rectangle with a black and white checkerboard field in the center. In the XVII-XVIII centuries the state banner was red without additional elements, and in the first half of the XX century on a scarlet field appeared a green wing with a white pentagram. The red cloth with a green star acquired the status of the state flag of Morocco in 1915.

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