How to Use a Moroccan Hammam

The Moroccan hammam: subtleties of the purification process, rules and local traditions

The Moroccan hammam became interesting not so long ago. But in the homeland the

traditional event is associated with quality care for the whole body and the most pleasant relaxation. A person can feel reborn, this is due to the carefully thought-out sequence of hygienic procedures. Initially the visitor will be able to steam and cleanse, then there is exfoliation of the skin from dead particles, and a special massage is a pleasant conclusion. The therapeutic effect of the hammam is known to many, so people actively visit the institution for the prevention of diseases, as well as for therapeutic procedures.

Folk treasure in Morocco

Tourists never forget the traditional hammam when traveling through the West, the process of providing services by the staff is unlike the usual spa treatments that you can order in the salons. Pleasant experiences and amazing experiences begin as soon as one enters the building. Shared bathing involves the simultaneous presence of a large number of women or men who have come here to be steamed, often the individuals are not even acquainted with each other.

There are three options for visiting the establishment, which relate to the gender of the clients, the case is as follows:

The procedure is available only to men or women.

At certain hours of the day the strong and then the weak half of the population are steamed.

On certain days of the week, men or women visit the building

The availability of such baths was greatly enjoyed by the better half of the Western population, for the opportunity to socialize while carrying out hygienic procedures was dreamt of by housewives who rarely left the house. The natives treated the event as a fruitful recreation, with people discussing certain topics and making new friends. At the time of the visit, some women met with relatives, gossiped, and were able to abstract themselves from everyday worries or pressing problem

Peculiarities of care in the hammam

Visiting a building in Morocco, it will be required to pay an entrance fee, after which the client goes to the locker room and leaves the ceremonial clothes, dressed in as comfortable clothes as possible. Often the buildings assume such a layout, cold, warm and then hot room, between them there are small passages in the form of corridors, in the rooms there are taps for water, if necessary you can use them.

Once in the warm room, the staff begins implementation of the first procedure, all accessories will be delivered at the request of the person, here it is necessary to spend enough time to get used to the temperature regime, as well as to wash well. The hot zone of hammam is designed for skin cleansing, after the end of hygienic procedures visitor returns to the warm room. The cold room is designed for

recreation, here you can drink tea or other drinks and get used to the temperature, it is often connected with the locker room.

Specialists provide the opportunity to take care of the body with black olive soap, peeling with a special kessa glove and massage with argan oil. It is possible to take up with friends, but for the manipulation you need to have certain skills, most people pay the employees for the work, because these individuals have a lot of experience under their belt. The price of the service is reasonable, there are both bath attendants and bathhouse attendants in the team.

Moroccan hammam is accessible to all people, it gathers many people of the same sex, but when visiting it is necessary to know a few important traditions, non-compliance with them the locals consider as an insult and may be offended. Water should be saved, you should use the natural resource carefully, try not to spill liquid around. The second rule is about decorum, men should wear swimming trunks or similar underwear for hygiene procedures, when changing clothes should be covered with a towel. Nudity will be considered by those present as an insult, such actions are better excluded

On women’s days, the fairer sex can be in a swimsuit, but there are also establishments that allow you to take a steam bath completely naked. It is better to be guided by the behavior of Moroccan women or to clarify the situation at the entrance, European women can easily stay in their underwear if the locals are naked, but there is no need to rush to take off your swimsuit when all visitors are dressed.

European counterparts.

We are talking about spa treatments, which are as close as possible to the manner of service inherent in the hammam. In this version you can often see only one room instead of three, often coming to the institution, customers find a simple steam Turkish cabin.

High-class salons or hotels are able to offer a full cycle, in the planning of the construction European tastes were taken into account, as well as the traditional elements of the West. The price for a visit will not seem cheap, but the comfort is at a high level and is able to compensate for the expense, the vacation of a large company will be remembered for a long time, and from the list of services you can choose everything that will suit your taste.

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