Yoga retreat in Morocco

The best places for yoga in Morocco

Yoga retreat in Morocco

Would you like to have a travel experience different from the usual Western options? We suggest you plunge into the exotic world of Morocco. It is not only an insanely beautiful country with a rich history and culture, but also an ideal place for yoga.

Not only yogis, but also surfers and foodies flock to Moroccan lands, as the country has many great surfing spots and incredibly diverse cuisine.

Whatever your travel goals are in Morocco, you will definitely not be bored in this country. The Sahara Desert, bazaars in Casablanca and Fez, lush oases, and popular beaches make Morocco the perfect vacation destination. It has everything you need to know about yoga travel and plenty of sights to admire forever.

Morocco. First impression.

One of the most famous countries in the Maghreb region, Morocco, was a dream for Westerners back in the early 20th century. And in 2016, Morocco was already visited by more than 10 million tourists, and every year the country was the top African destination for international travelers.

The geography of Morocco is simply impressive. It is close to Spain and Portugal (one hour flight) and to the rest of the European countries, but nevertheless, it is very different from them. When traveling in Morocco, you can visit the Sahara Desert and its enchanting dunes, the snow-capped peaks of the Atlas Mountains and the alluring coastline of Malabat in Tangier, all in one country!

But one of the most important features of Morocco is its culture. The cities are teeming with life, catching the interweaving of old and new urban areas, full of impressive modern architecture and traditional bazaars to get lost in. Mosques, ruins of an old Bedouin town on the sand, Renaissance buildings, stunning botanical gardens, a mélange of French, Spanish, Portuguese, Arab and Berber influences all create an unforgettable combination.

Morocco’s fragrances are also amazing. The country is famous for its floral oils and perfumes, as well as its many spices, so it’s not surprising that you can hardly walk through the streets of a Moroccan city without being seduced by its subtle scents. Some of these amazing scents are also used in retreats throughout Morocco for aromatherapy purposes.

The best places for yoga retreats in Morocco

There are many amazing places to visit in Morocco, so it is quite difficult to tell about all of them at once. Nevertheless, we will try to tell you about the best places in Morocco, where you can spend an unforgettable yoga retreat.

We hasten to rejoice that all the following yoga destinations in Morocco are perfect for getting to know the country and its culture, so your yoga vacation will be something more than just yoga. One of the great things about Morocco is that there is so much to explore, it is one of those places you will want to return to again and again. Each subsequent trip to Morocco will be unique and give you many stories to share.

Casablanca is the famous city from the movie of the same name. It is a beautiful port city, which still retains the French influence of the colonial period. Moorish architecture and European Art Deco style combine in the unique appearance of the city, which brought it that unique charm. When visiting Casablanca, you should visit the Casablanca Cathedral and the Hassan

 II Mosque, as well as take a walk along the coast.

The former capital of Morocco, Fez is still considered the de facto cultural capital of the country. While visiting Fez you will have many opportunities to enjoy the rich history and culture of the country thanks to the various museums and ancient buildings that are on the list of attractions of the city. If you only have a couple of days free in the city, you should visit Al-Attarin Madrasah, Dar Batha and Bab Bu Jelud (the Blue Gate of Fez).

A charming fishing community called Tarazout may be found in southwest Morocco, just to the north of Agadir.. Although not much in terms of history and culture, Tarazut is an absolute favorite among surfers and yogis on the Maghreb coast. While enjoying yoga in Tarazut, you can also take a short day trip to the beautiful city of Essaouira, see how argan oil is extracted, explore the beautiful Paradise Valley (and understand why it is so named), and enjoy aromatic Moroccan cuisine.

Marakech, the spice capital of the African continent, is also the most important formal imperial city of Morocco. Its rich history and stunning views make it one of the most interesting and romantic places in the country. Explore the city’s more than 1,000-year history while admiring its many mosques, palaces, breathtaking gardens, royal tombs and mausoleums, and modern hotels and business centers.

The Tamra Valley is a region in the vicinity of the High Atlas Mountains in Morocco, known for its attractions that are just waiting to be admired. It is also home to the famous Paradise Valley, which has natural landscapes with impressive rock pools and many small waterfalls. Such a beautiful place seems perfect for meditation, exercise and finding yourself. No wonder the Tamra Valley is home to many unique yoga retreats.

Morocco and Yoga

Morocco doesn’t have a significant history concerning yoga, but once yoga became popularized a few decades ago, the country became a favorite destination for yogis. The combination of beautiful sights with Morocco’s exquisite and exotic cuisine and its rich history and culture make the country a great place for spiritual awakening.

For me personally, Morocco really seems like the perfect place for a yoga tour, especially among the dunes of the Sahara. There is something about this incredibly beautiful country that calls for simplicity and self-reflection, while at the same time offering you plenty of interesting places to visit, just in case the silence bores you.

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