Weather in Marrakech by month

Weather in Marrakech by month

Weather in Marrakech by month

bazaars, fragrant spices, elegant hammams and ancient palaces.

Marrakech is a city that instantly captures the attention of tourists with its colorful bazaars, fragrant spices, elegant hammams and ancient palaces. It is full of contrasts: here you can wander through the labyrinth of ancient streets, and in one minute find yourself on the terrace of a modern restaurant and enjoy the panoramic views.

Weather in Marrakech

Marrakech has one of the hottest climates in the country. In summer, the temperature can rise to +40 ° C, at night it stays at +25 ° C. In winter it reaches a comfortable +20 ° C. Peak season in Marrakech is observed in summer. But it is better to plan a trip for May (+ 28 ° C) or October (+26 ° C).

Holidays in Marrakech

Marrakech offers a wide range of activities. For lovers of a quiet pastime, you should stroll through the picturesque parks of the city, many of which have a long history. Golf and nightclubs are also available, and there is a large casino called Mamounia.

A special place in the program should be given to visits to spas and hammams to experience the beauty of oriental service. One of the most popular spas in Marrakech is Mythic Oriental, where the procedures (from facials to massages with argan oil and milk) are designed in the best Moroccan traditions. The Heritage Spa and the Sultana Spa also stand out.

You can spend time with friends or family at the Oasiria water park. Unlike other similar water amusement centers in Morocco, it is not located on the coast. But it is not inferior to its counterparts. The water park offers many slides, from Anaconda and Kamikaze to the Lazy River and waterfalls. There is a children’s area and wave pools.

The city is a great find for those who want to learn as much as possible about the history of Morocco. Marrakech is full of interesting monuments, among which is the Bahia Palace. It is relatively young (XIX century) and built in the Moorish style. For its construction were brought the best materials from all over Morocco. Although from the outside it does not attract attention, inside Bahia is full of valuable objects. The palace features luxurious cedar doors, painted ceilings, stone carvings, and traditional mosaics. The inner courtyards are no less impressive with their ornaments, fountains and cozy alleys.

Another famous palace of Marrakech is El Badi. It is an acclaimed Moroccan marvel, famous for the extraordinary luxury of its interiors. The most expensive materials available in the sixteenth century were chosen for decoration: Italian marble, gold, onyx and the rarest species of wood. Alas, the palace was looted and suffered great losses. Today the only thing that reminds of its former greatness is the scale of the building. Now you can only see the walls and take a walk through the orange orchard.

The Menard Gardens are a very important attraction if only because they are a quiet green oasis in the bustling Marrakech. Even at the time of their founding (12th century), experiments in plant cultivation were carried out here. Today the gardens are therefore incredibly rich with orange groves, palm alleys and fruit trees. Many of them are 400 years old.

In Marrakech, without exception, all tourists visit the Medina. There are many monuments of world heritage, including the Moissin and Youssef mosques. And in the heart of Medina is Al Fna Square, where street acrobats and musicians perform.

Excursions from Marrakech

From Marrakech, there are excursions to Ouarzazate. In this historic city, tourists see typical houses and fortresses of the region, including the UNESCO-listed Ben Haddou. Ouarzazate is also often called “Eastern Hollywood” because many masterpieces of cinematography were filmed here and there is a film studio.

A popular excursion is a trip to the Uriqua Valley, where tourists enjoy a break from the noise of Marrakech. This is a land of amazing nature with cool mountain rivers, green valleys and waterfalls. You can get acquainted with the Berber life and enjoy the views in one of the restaurants in the village of Agbalou.

Shopping in Marrakech

The city is unimaginable without the lively markets, the main one – a huge bazaar with Moroccan crafts, cashmere scarves, leather shoes, oriental spices and sweets. Original souvenirs should be sought in the antique markets. Here you can buy pottery, antique copper lamps, caskets, silver sets. By the way, souvenir shopping in this Moroccan city is not limited to goods from the market. Many designers, falling in love with the color of Morocco, have opened here boutiques with exquisite decorative items.

For those wishing to update their closet, there are shopping centers in Marrakech. Carre Eden offers international brands, including H&M, Adidas, Koton, Lacoste, Celio. But there are also Moroccan brands, such as Moroccan Touch. Menara Mall is a new shopping mall with a limited number of stores. But you can find inexpensive local clothes and relax in the cafe. Almazar offers a wide range of goods. In this shopping center you can find boutiques of budget brands, accessories, children’s clothing.

The best restaurants in Marrakech

The cuisine of Marrakech deserves special attention. Adapted to centuries-old oriental traditions, it is incredibly diverse. The choice of establishments and ways to taste the local cuisine in Marrakech is huge. The easiest and cheapest option is to follow the experience of the inhabitants of the city and buy food at the counters of the central squares. They are safe (quality is carefully checked by the authorities) and offer traditional lamb, tagine and Moroccan sweets.

But a visit to the city’s best restaurants is also worthwhile. Among them is Libzar, a restaurant with typical Moroccan cuisine. The menu includes all kinds of tagine, salads, sweets, couscous and many meat dishes. Dar Cherifa is a colorful place where they tried to reflect the atmosphere of Morocco even through the interior. It serves one of the best couscous in Marrakech, meat cooked according to old African recipes, a wide range of desserts and the famous Moroccan herbal teas.

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