argan oil the morocco beauty serum

Moroccan Premium Argan Oil, produced by Adaris, Kuwait. Packaging: Glass bottle with dropper, 100 ml.

“Liquid gold” is the name of virgin argan oil in the East.

We recommend you to try argan oil for hair, which you can buy in our online store in Moscow “House of Nature”.

This useful, unparalleled product is obtained after processing the fruit of a nut tree, bearing the name of argan. It grows exclusively on the African continent. The greatest fame is given to argan oil from Morocco, reviews highlight this very country, experts call it the best place to grow the tree.

It is the geographical location of the state and the prevailing climatic conditions that are best suited for the cultivation of exotic nuts. They are supported by gentle Atlantic breezes and hot African sun, as well as quite dry, but very fertile soil. In a place like this, organic argan oil can be obtained for 2500 years, the age of the most mature trees in the country. This healing product is produced only by classic cold pressing of the fruit, any other method may deprive the nuts of their positive properties.

Such argan oil is called virgin oil. It is the unrefined product that “contains” a wealth of important fatty acids for the whole body.

Cosmetic applications

Constantly growing number of those wishing to try argan oil, which you can buy in Moscow at a very favorable price. Such popularity is easily explained by its regenerative ability, which helps “reconstruct” the skin and hair, nourishing them. It is worth buying natural argan oil and try it for the body and even for moisturizing the more delicate face, hair care, as well as nourishing nails and cuticles in need of softening.

This product stands out because of its composition, 80 percent of which are unsaturated fatty acids alone. They influence the surprisingly high ability of the product to penetrate into the skin, revitalizing it from the inside and not just on the upper layers.

By the way, because of this feature and the general lightness of the entire structure, organic argan oil is advised in reviews to be used on thin and too delicate eyelid skin.

The amazing elixir also has another striking advantage – an impressive shelf life. Both Moroccan argan oil and products from other countries have an incredible resistance to oxidation, which overtakes even the characteristics of the olive product.

For hair

More often than other options, argan oil is used for hair. So it acts as a professional serum or even a life-giving elixir for dry hair in need of support, too porous or weakened, damaged and ungroomed strands. Argan oil makes hair silky and smooth again, gluing all scales together and filling voids in its structure. The surface of curls is softened, and the strands themselves become more manageable.

It is better to emphasize the therapeutic effect of this product on the hair follicles. Everyone knows that healthy locks grow only if there is no metabolic disorders in the scalp and some follicles. Argan oil for hair is described in the reviews as an excellent basis for maintaining health.

It gets rid of itching and possible irritation, flaking of the skin, and even quickly heals its damaged areas.

Returns the balance in all metabolic processes of hair nutrition and normalizes them.

If you regularly use organic argan oil, you can quickly forget what is too oily curls and irritating dandruff.

Continuous use will soften the hair, acquire a natural healthy shine, become really manageable and very strong. Even split ends will disappear!

Argan oil from Morocco extends the normal functioning of the hair follicles by as much as 40 percent, and also gets rid of the negative effects of constant thermal styling.

Of course, it is necessary to choose a quality product, because only it has all of the above properties. High-quality natural argan oil to buy in Moscow is worth it in our store, enjoying the bargain price and really fast delivery to all other cities in the country!

But the options for using the wonderful product is not limited to the hair, it is recommended to use it in skin care as well.

For face and body

Of course, the benefits of products for the hair is undeniable, but customers in their reviews argan oil for face are praised no less, also mentioning the obvious benefits for the skin of the body. It can be easily called the absolute leader among existing products for thin or too sensitive and delicate skin. This is due to the excellent penetrating ability of the product and the richness of the composition on antioxidants, specifically in the role of beauty vitamins A and E.

Argan oil for the face gives a wonderful tightening effect, which in its effectiveness can only be compared to the use of Botox. You can add this component in small quantities to the usual creams, as well as apply it to clean and even slightly damp skin, thus removing excessive dryness and possible unpleasant irritation, noticeably increasing elasticity and firmness, returning youthfulness. It is the deep layers of the epidermis are thickened, already from this face visibly youthful, always seems rested and well-groomed.

Argan oil for the face is suitable for absolutely everyone, differing from other products of the most delicate structure and the properties of this rejuvenating serum, combined with high-quality moisturizing cream. Vitamins and other important microelements, fatty acids and other treasures of the composition help to moisturize and nourish the skin, restore it, get rid of any signs of fatigue.

It is safe to use argan oil for the body even while waiting for a baby. It is recommended for all those who want to increase overall skin tone and visibly tighten their silhouette. Especially such an effect is expressed when using the product to maintain the tone of the breast. The oil is absorbed very quickly, does not interfere with sticky marks or a feeling of greasiness, and does not affect the breathability of pores in any way. Because of these advantages, it is a lifesaver for problematic or aging skin!


We believe that the information about the properties that distinguish the argan oil from Morocco, helped to learn a little more about the mysterious, but already famous product. Of course, its amazing effects are so diverse that it is very difficult to convey all the benefits, but it is possible to get acquainted with them all in detail by using them all yourself. The main thing is to buy the product consciously, so that later really enjoy its use!


100% natural pure virgin argan oil (Argania spinose).

Buy Arabic cosmetics from Kuwait Adaris in the online store House of Nature.

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