Antimony or kohl is Arabic eyeliner

Antimony or kohl is Arabic eyeliner.

Perfume companies have introduced a lot of eye cosmetics with the name KOHL.   Guerlain released eyeliner, Chanel – KOHL pencil. There is a lot of positive information on the Internet, but there are also counterarguments.  In the US, for example, some people speak out against the use of antimony in the eye. I have chosen a positive approach for my post, but I don’t want to discount the negative.  I have decided to try it and have ordered it for myself through an online store.  Of course, there is a risk.  It may be a harmful fake, as people who know about it warn. But the temptation to get a positive effect does not leave experimenters.

Antimony or kohl is Arabic eyeliner.

Ismid: it is a black antimony stone, it comes from Isfahan, and it is the best kind of ismid, and it also comes from the Moroccan side.

The best kind of ismid is quickly crushed, the pieces are shiny, and it is smooth inside, not contaminated by anything.

Its structure is cold and dry, it helps the eyes, strengthens the eyes and their nerves, keeps them healthy, removes inflammation, heals them and cleanses impurities.

Ismid takes away headaches if applied together with mild water honey.

It is the best kind of antimony for the eyes, especially for old people and those with impaired eyesight, if you add a little bowl to it” The name “antimony”is derived from the Turkish word “surme,” which means to rub or to make the eyebrows darker.

“Women on the Arabian Peninsula use kohl, also known as khur, kuhl, kahal, or kohol, as eyeliner and eye paint. Antimony for the eyes beautiful oriental makeup and healthy eyes.

Women of the East have been using antimony to care for and cure their eyes since ancient times. It is known that in earlier times, women also prepared different antimony preparations for different purposes, for different makeup effects. Each woman had 5 to 6 kinds of antimony with different compositions which were used separately for daytime eye and eyebrow makeup, for especially festive and bright makeup, for the medicinal effect at night, and for removing eye fatigue and cleansing several times a week.

Eyes lined with antimony, especially if they are large and expressive, appear somewhat more attractive than without it.

Kohl is thought to shield the eyes from illness in addition to making them brighter and bigger.. Its black color helps fight the blinding desert sun, which is why kohl is used by women and men alike. Kohl is a powder of antimony. In addition to its dark color, it comes in a bluish-white color. The powder can be purchased in Middle Eastern grocery stores. Do not buy kohl if it is not well ground. Kohl pencils used in today’s cosmetics industry are totally unsuitable for applying real kohl. Antimony is a fine powder that resembles mascara and is applied around the edges of the eyelid conjunctiva.

Antimony for the eyes is used by both men and women. It has no contraindications and no expiration date. Used in dry form. Antimony can be applied to children from six months of age, as this particular antimony has no granules and does not cause allergies.

Antimony eye cream with camphor additives. Plant extracts will relieve eye fatigue and improve eye health. This type is especially popular and beneficial for any eyes. When applied, you will feel a slight chill, this is the action of camphor, so you won’t feel the effects of antimony working on the eye.The entire eye system will be healed as a result of opening up the eye’s blood vessels. Antimony improves vision, relieves fatigue, clears the eyeball, and removes red blood vessels. When applied, the eye may water a little, due to the activation of the vessels of the eye. The blood vessels of the eye will become red, but after 10 minutes, it will relax and the redness will disappear. The eye whites will turn light blue and the eyes will shine with a healthy light! Health and good vision is ensured for your eyes!  

Antimony eye powder. Tinting your eyes at night with antimony improves vision, promotes lash growth and removes eye secretions. Great for relieving eye fatigue and cleansing your eyes. The natural color of your eyes is tinted, it becomes richer and brighter. Can be used daily. Easy to remove with soap, cleansing foam or oil.

Antimony eye makeup based on almond oil, basma. This type of antimony is very good for bright oriental eye and eyebrow makeup. The ingredients are carefully blended and the antimony has an even, soft texture. Almond oil nourishes the eyelid skin and moisturizes the makeup, eyes become large and beautiful, a lively shine gives the look a lively look. Basma nourishes the lashes.

Antimony pencil with the addition of olive oil. Daytime makeup turns out beautiful, bright, saturated, the effect of moist look without smudging. Particularly useful at night for therapeutic purposes. It can be used daily. Easy to remove with soap, cleansing foams or oil.

Eye salve with camphor and plant extracts to relieve eye fatigue. Extracts of amla (Indian gooseberry), almond oil, camphor, complement the wonderful effects of antimony. This type of antimony is excellent for treating increased eye fatigue.

Enriched antimony for eyes, contains a very wide range of herbal healing ingredients – liquorice extract, amla, haritaki, bibhitaki powders, camphor and almond oils. They promote the growth and strengthening of eyelashes, have a preventive effect on expression lines and help to preserve the youthfulness and beauty of the eyes for a long time.

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