Where to live in Morocco – types of tourist accommodation

Where to live in Morocco – types of tourist accommodation

Where to stay in Morocco and types of tourist accommodation – riad, kasbah, hotel, private sector. The main characteristics and differences, prices, photos.

In Morocco, everything is a little different than in the usual Europe or Asia. The differences are more qualitative than the name. Being people of curiosity, we tested all the basic types of tourist accommodation: from luxury boutique hotels in the mountains overlooking the gorge to the modest riads for the budget tourists. However, the classic boring chain hotels as well as hostels were avoided. We felt comfortable everywhere.


Riad is a basic traditional tourist accommodation in Morocco. Suitable for those who are willing to sacrifice a certain amount of comfort and get a maximum of Moroccan flavor.

Riads are usually located in the old town, the medina. Old Moroccan house-well, with balconies on the inner perimeter are converted into a kind of hotel, the open sky over the yard closed by a transparent roof or thickly growing palm trees

The inside of the courtyard is lavishly decorated, sometimes tastefully, sometimes to the point of puking. In both cases, it looks very organic in Morocco, although in some places it resembles an opium smokehouse from Soviet Mujahideen movies.

The courtyard is a place for relaxation and socialization of the riad residents, it is always very cozy. The atmosphere is something like a good hostel. Although there are riads that would give a head start to a 4-star hotel in Europe at a lower price.

On the roof of the riad there is usually a terrace or gazebo with a view of the old town, which is the coolest thing in the riad and which is usually not in conventional hotels.

Riad format is single and double rooms, there are also a few rooms for 6-12 people. Room sizes are modest, furniture and equipment are basic, but everything you need is usually there.

Of the drawbacks – often smells damp or sewage, cramped rooms. Atmosphere and beautiful interior design make up for these little things. If you choose carefully, the rooms will be large, there will be no dampness, and the prices are reasonable.

The average cost to stay in a riad is 30-50 euros for two. There are cheaper, but it will be clobbering.


In essence, a kasbah is a guesthouse or guest house, very similar to Asian mini-hotels. Rooms can be very spacious, and kasbahs are usually located in small towns or near natural parks. We lived in one in Merzouga when we went to the Sahara. A rooftop terrace is also likely to be there.

Often the notion of kasbahs and riads are intertwined, such housing has a lot in common.

Private housing – apartments.

We tried several types of lodging specifically to form opinions about the most common. We passed by the chain hotels, which are more suitable for business tourists.

During the trip we stayed in apartments and apartments in Morocco, and in riads. We used both Bookings and Airby, which seemed a bit more expensive.

The main difference is that the apartments were always large. Traditionally, Moroccan families consist of several people, hence the size of the apartments.

The principle of airbnb in Morocco is the same as in Europe. The difference is that almost nowhere is there a self-check-in. In Europe, they have long ago switched to a model where the guest and the host do not meet. We get instructions on how to get to the address, as well as the code from the mini-safe near the apartment, the key – in the mini-safe. We also leave the apartment.

In Morocco we have used airbnb or Bookings three times to rent an apartment. In all cases, the keys were handed directly to the owners or their authorized representatives. Only one of the three spoke English. The translator in the Arbnb app came to our rescue. We communicated once with a Moroccan woman. We didn’t have any problems either. Having an internet connection is essential. Various useful things devoted a separate article – the link below.

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All three times were spacious apartments, once with a view of the ocean and the medina, the same accommodation in Spain would cost at least 50 euros a day, we paid 25, 30 and 35 euros for each option, respectively. Were very satisfied and will alternate riads and apartments in the future, and if the budget allows, we will choose the third option.

Boutique Hotels.

Just once we stayed in such a luxurious place. In Dades Gorge on the way to Ouarzazate on our way to the Sahara, we found an incredible hotel with a view of the gorge, balconies in every room and an amazing panoramic terrace. The photo cannot capture the views from the window and balcony.

Inside – a real fairy tale “A Thousand and One Nights”, man-made waterfalls and streams, silk pillows and national handmade furniture. For the first time I just wanted to stay in such a place for at least two or three days, especially since there are many interesting things to see in the area.

The price of such hotels is 100-120 Euro per night for two people, the European analogues would cost twice as much.

Standard chain hotels

There are plenty of classic chain hotels in Europe. It is traditionally boring and predictable. We are not fans, so we will not stay, although in Maroco all the well-known hotel chains are represented, especially in the major cities.

If budget allows, it is better to choose a Moroccan boutique hotel or a cool riad.

Where we are looking for accommodation in Morocco

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