The Hand of Fatima

The Hand of Fatima: How an ancient talisman became fashionable jewelry


A bit of history

What can the amulet

The meaning of the talisman of the Hand of Fatima for women

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Can the Orthodox wear the talisman of the Hand of Fatima

Charging the amulet before use

The Eye of Fatima

Wearing amulets and amulets is such a natural process for humans that it is impossible to refuse it even in our technological age. Since past centuries, people used special signs and symbols to attract good luck and prosperity, win love, cure serious illnesses, close themselves off from envious people, etc. The signs were applied to the body or created from various materials and worn as amulets and talismans. One such symbol that has survived for thousands of years is the Hamsa.

You must have seen this symbol at least once – in the form of a hand with an open palm. It is especially common in the Middle East. It is known by different names: the amulet Hamsa and the hand of Miriam, the hand of Fatima and the hand of fate, the hand of God. But they all boil down to a single image.

This sign is considered a powerful amulet that protects its bearer from the evil eye and from the unfriendly intentions of others. It is believed that it is another’s negativity that can cause severe and protracted illnesses, life’s failures. Therefore, talismans capable to protect from evil eye and spoilage, in all ages were in demand and popular. It is inherent to a person to seek protection from higher forces.

The sign has a long history and distinct qualities that vary by nation and religion. The classic image looks like an open palm, but instead of the little finger there is a symmetrical second thumb. The amulet was made of very different materials, and in order to enhance its protective properties, additional protective symbols were often put on the surface. Almost always in the center of the palm you can see an image of an eye.

It is not uncommon for a Hamsa to be made of a material with a reflective surface. It is believed that in this way the evil directed at a person will be reflected back to the one who wanted to do harm.

A bit of history

Where did this palm-shaped amulet come from in the first place? Until now, there is no consensus in historical circles on this matter. The fact is that today this sign is part of Islamic and Judaic cultures. But archaeological excavations clearly show that a similar symbol was used in Mesopotamia, in Ancient Egypt, it was known in the ancient era. There are symbols that are characteristic of only one culture, and in others are practically not found. But this is in no way about the Hamsa. We can say that it is multinational.

Despite the fact that the essence of the amulet is to protect against the evil eye, in different cultures it has its own characteristics of origin and purpose. But still observed its universality, the presence in different religions in one form or another:

Muslims call the symbol the Hand of Fatima. The five fingers identify the five basic virtues of this rather young religion: pilgrimage, mercy, moderation, faith and prayer. There is also its own story of the origin of the image. According to legend, Fatima, daughter of the great prophet Mohammed, loved her husband very much. One day a man came home with another woman and said she would be his second wife. Fatima was cooking dinner at the time, and was stirring the food with a long spoon. Upon hearing this statement, the shocked wife dropped the spoon and continued to stir the hot food with her bare hand. Her husband, seeing this reaction, immediately changed his mind about marrying a second time. Another interpretation of the five fingers in Islam is the designation of the Prophet’s family, where in addition to him were Fatima Zahra, Imam Hussein, Imam Ali and Imam Hasan.

The Jews named the amulet after Moses’ sister, the Hand of Miriam. There are two interpretations of each of the five fingers. According to the first one, these are the human senses, with the help of which he learns the world and life around him. According to the second, the five fingers mean all five books of the holy Torah. Besides, Jews believe that the symbol unites and points to the common origin of all world religions. And this leads to the idea of the hope of universal spiritual unity and peace. Israelis often use blue and blue in the manufacture or decoration of hamsa because it is considered protective. Among the symbols that complement the amulet are the Star of David, the eye, the words of the main prayers, and the fish.

Hinduism. In contrast to the cultures described above, here the open palm is a symbol of good luck. It was worn at times when it was important to successfully complete the work begun. Also in Indian culture, the five-fingered palm is a symbol of non-violence, humility, open good intentions and a pure soul.

In Egypt, the Hamsa was called the palm of Hamesh. Its purpose was the same as today – protection from ill-wishers, from negative magical influences.

The sign has a long history and distinct qualities that vary by nation and religion. According to their beliefs, an open palm helped awaken and strengthen intuition. The palm of your hand was also used as a symbol of the spirit of the wisdom of the gods.

The Buddhist open palm with an eye in the center symbolizes compassionate wisdom. It is associated with the goddess of compassion Tara, with its ability to protect and pacify, banish fears and bad thoughts.

Necklace and pendants with the symbol of the Hand of Fatima:

But is such a sign favorable to Christians? After all, the Christian religion has a rather negative attitude toward the symbolism of paganism and other world religions. We will consider this question separately.

Among the interesting facts about this symbol, it is impossible not to mention that the Hamsa is part of the coat of arms of Algeria.

Also the sign was very popular in Spain after the end of Islamic rule – until about the middle of the 16th century, when it was forbidden by the Council of Bishops. Moreover, the ban applied to all amulets that had the shape of a hand with five fingers.

What can a amulet do?

In addition to powerful protection against the evil eye and spoilage, the Hand of Fatima has the following general properties:

Helps in communicating with the people around them,

Attracts positive energy into the life of the wearer,

Fills with inner strength that helps one cope with crises and maintain one’s mental integrity.

Is there a difference in the effect of the amulet on beautiful ladies or on the stronger sex? The ancients believed that this amulet should be worn by both men and women. Let its influence in form and will be somewhat different, but it is useful for representatives of both sexes. However, it is important to understand that this amulet will help only people with a pure soul and thoughts, who themselves do not plan any evil in relation to others, who are used to solve any issues honestly and openly.

Earrings bearing the Hand of Fatima emblem

The meaning of the Fatima Hand talisman for women

For women, the Hamsa is a particularly auspicious symbol. Its wearing is not only permissible, but even necessary. And if you want to wear the Hand of God as a jewelry, it is better to choose silverware, because silver is considered the moon, the feminine metal.

For women, this amulet helps to keep a happy and warm atmosphere in the family, to preserve peace and love.

Sign helps in finding equilibrium, harmony.

It helps with pregnancy, facilitates childbirth and lactation.

The owner is given patience and the ability to have faith in the finest.

Women are more suitable for the symbolism of this sign. After all, it is the feminine beginning carries gentleness and resistance to violence, the desire to protect and bring joy. Therefore, and amulet ladies of all ages will be just right.

By the way, in Turkey, this talisman is considered exclusively female.

You can wear the Hamsa as a pendant, pendant on a bracelet, earrings. Decorated with minerals and gemstones, the Hand of Miriam will even increase its effect. But the stone should be chosen according to its properties.

What does the Amulet of Hamsa mean for The hand of God will suit, in general, and the wards of belligerent Mars. When choosing an amulet from a precious metal, men should pay more attention to gold, which is the solar, masculine metal. How can a talisman help the stronger sex, in addition to protection against the evil eye?

People whose work is connected with constant risk to their health and life, it will not let them relax and lose control over the situation.

Travelers and motorists is good to have Hamsa with them or in the car: it will protect them on the road.

Amulet gives confidence and peace of mind, which is very important for any man, especially a married one.

In our latitudes, few men can see this symbol. Slavs often prefer to use more “manly” for their protection – Thor’s hammer, mace, axe, etc., depending on their views and preferences. The stronger sex usually wears the Hamsa as a pendant around their necks or as a keychain on their keys.

Can the Orthodox wear the talisman of the Hand of Fatima

Interestingly, the symbol of the open palm also found its reflection in Christianity. It is mentioned in ancient sources as the Hand of God. And its description and image are very reminiscent of the hand of Fatima. In Christianity, this amulet helps people to understand themselves and their purpose, to find their true path in life and not to stray from the straight road in the future.Who it will help:

People who are confused about themselves and life circumstances, weakened in spirit and will.

Travelers who are in a hurry to return home.

Bracelets with the symbol of the Hand of Fatima:

If you are a Christian and not sure if you are allowed to use this symbol, you can breathe a sigh of relief. We can say that Hamsa helps lost sheep both physically and spiritually.

Charging the amulet before using it

Like any other talisman, the khamsa requires sonatruka with its owner and charging. How to do it?

First, take the amulet in your hands and completely relax, close your eyes. Try as much as possible to disconnect from other thoughts and eliminate distractions. The first stage will be completed when you will feel the warmth emanating from the Hamsa.

Then you will need energy of all four elements. Pass the amulet above the lighted candle several times, at that, mentally visualize how the fire fills the artifact with its power. Then powder Khamsa with earth, and then move it through the smoke of the extinguished candle or through the smoke of incense. The last step is contact with clean water. For this, it is enough to splash a little on the amulet.

All, the Hand of Fatima is fully charged and ready to protect you from the evil eye and other people’s negative thoughts. This amulet will add you confidence for honest accomplishments and will give you strength for them.

Any amulet is very dependent on the faith of its owner.

Although Khamsa will work even if you wear it as an ordinary jewelry, yet its full protective potential it is able to reveal only with an emotional contact.

The Eye of Fatima

Sometimes users mistakenly look for the Jewish amulet, the Eye of Fatima, but this is not quite right. The Eye of Fatima is a separate talisman, although the image of the eye itself is also present on the amulet described above.

The eye of Fatima is the symbol of the Jew:

Made of blue or blue glass, the Eye can be found everywhere in souvenir and esoteric stores of the East, it is especially widespread in Turkey. Also the amulet is called the hen’s eye, Nazar, and even the eye of Satan. It is also considered a strong amulet against the evil eye and spoilage.

The appearance of the Eye of Fatima is again associated with the daughter of the Prophet Mohammed. According to the legend, Fatima gave this talisman to her betrothed on a long journey, as a symbol of her love and desire to protect him from trouble. The girl’s beloved returned home safely from the campaign, and the talisman became a popular talisman.

Nazar Bonjuk or chicken eye, unlike Hamsa, does not have such a wide range of action. Its main purpose is to protect the master from directed aggression. After that, the amulet usually cracks, splits into pieces, or is simply lost. In such a case, it is advised to thank the talisman for the fact that it warded off trouble, and buy a new one.

As many other symbols which are popular today, Hamsa really exists in many cultures of the world. And it can not help but suggest the correctness of the opinion of the Jews about the single source of origin of all beliefs.

5 August 2023

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