Morocco with climbing the Toubkal

Author’s tour of Morocco with climbing the Toubkal

About tour

We offer you to go trekking in the most mysterious country of the African continent – Morocco!

We will be trekking in the Atlas Mountains, which are a stunning and sometimes harsh barrier between the arid Sahara and the milder coastal climate of Morocco. Beginning near the Atlantic Ocean in the city of Agadir and stretching in a jagged line northeastward across the country, this mountain range includes many unique sites, ancient civilizational heritage, and beautiful hiking trails.

Our journey begins in the imperial city of Marrakech, we climb the Toubkal, the soaring peak of the Atlas Mountains, meet the original inhabitants of these vast territories, visit ancient cities and stay overnight in the endless sands of the Sahara with true Berbers, and then go to the incredible beaches of Lezgira, washed by the waves of the Atlantic Ocean, with bizarre natural arches that amaze even the most experienced traveler!

Program of the Morocco trip with climbing the Toubkal (4167m)

Day 1. Arrival in Marrakech. Welcome to Morocco! Our representative will meet you at the airport. Check-in at hotel. In the evening, welcome dinner. Short briefing from our guide, organizational issues and safety rules. Overnight at the hotel.

Day 2. In the morning we leave Marrakech and embark on our three-hour trek through walnut groves, corn and barley fields. High in the sky are the mountain peaks of the Atlas, which, even in the warmer months, are adorned with a blanket of snow. Dusty roads and narrow hiking trails wind through the pristine landscape. In the green and damp valleys we will see herds of goats, wild grasses and small remote Berber villages, and the traditional landscape of the area – women and children picking herbs in heavy 20-kilogram bundles. After a while, we will stop for a picnic in the shade of juniper trees near the spring. We will approach a small river at the beginning of the Assif-n-Ait-Usaden valley and from here to the village of Tizi Ussem (1850 m), then to the summer village of Tamsult, where we will stop for the night. Overnight in tents.

Day 3. After breakfast we will head east on a moderately challenging hike along winding mule trails to Tizi Agelzim (3,550 m). From the slopes surrounding us are low-growing pines and lace cedars painted in reddish-brown hues. After another 3 hours of southeastward travel, we reach Tubkal Shelter, whose location marks the line of spring snow at 3207 m. Overnight in the shelter/tents.

Day 4. Today is going to be a very busy day. Very early breakfast to get to the route around 6 am. After three hours of steep climbing we will reach the highest point of the Maghreb (which means the countries to the west of Egypt – Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia) – peak Toubkal! On the windswept mountain you will be rewarded with endless views of cliffs and valleys receding back to the distant misty horizon. The panorama from here is stunning! After a little rest, we’ll head to Ikhibi Sud for a direct descent back to the picnic shelter. After lunch, we will head north along the steeply descending zigzag trails on the higher slopes of the Assif-n’Isuhuanem-n’Ouaguns Valley to the Sidi Shamharush Sanctuary. The marabout pilgrimage site is next to the waterfall; it is presumably a pre-Islamic cultural artifact that is off-limits to non-Muslims.. Another 2 hours of descent will take us to the village of Imlil, where most hikes start, before we take the shuttle back to Marrakech. Overnight at the hotel.

Day 5. Marrakech is unusual and unique. It is called the soul of the Moroccan East. The old city, surrounded by many kilometers of wall, is a huge open-air museum. An interesting tour will lead you through the mysterious Marrakech and take you to its main attractions: the French-style Majorelle Garden, the exquisite Bahia Palace, the lively Jamaa el-Fna Square and the mysterious neighborhoods of the oldest part of the city of Medina. We will tell you about the traditions and cultural peculiarities of Morocco, as well as its history and major cities. And maybe during the tour you will learn to understand the mentality of the locals and all the charm of this wonderful country! Lunch at a local restaurant with a traditional menu, after which we will go to meet the Berbers in one of the most beautiful deserts of the world! We will enjoy luxurious tents with all the amenities, a delicious dinner and the opportunity to admire the night sky over the desert. And lucky ones will get to make a wish on a shooting star! Overnight in luxury tents.

Day 6. Today we have a long drive to the pearl of the Moroccan coast – the beaches of Lezgira, which are on the list of the most beautiful beaches in the world! The sandy strip on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, strikes with its unique natural arches of stone – bright red arched vaults going into the azure waters of the ocean. One of the arches was destroyed not so long ago by the current, but the rest have survived. We’ll go to them when the tide is out! Overnight at hotel.

Day 7. Today we are going to Essaouira, the city where stories about pirates and adventurers come alive around every corner. Here you can hear amazing tales of guile and nobility, of implacable love and stunning adventures that capture the imagination. Essaouira is a magnet for musicians and artists from all over the world. Its alleys and squares are always filled with great music, acrobats perform incredible stunts, and in the evenings the residents hold exciting concerts with dancing on the beach to the roar of the ocean. Essaouira is a fishing port with a colorful market offering sea creatures of all stripes. This port is bustling and lively, smelling of salt water and fish. There is a real atmosphere here, and an unrefined tourist history. Essaouira is a favorite destination for filmmakers, with footage from “Game of Thrones,” “Othello,” “Phaedra” and “Kingdom of Heaven” filmed here. A night at the hotel.

Day 8. Today transfer to Casablanca, a city on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean. Many amazing discoveries await us. Here you can feel the authentic Moroccan mood, feel the influence of French culture and see the magnificent mosque with the highest minaret in the world. You will stroll through the ancient medina, taste the national culinary delights and, of course, take beautiful photographs to keep these unforgettable moments in your memory. Night at hotel.

Day 9. Your flight home. Transfer to the airport. Or transfer to Chefchaouen via Rabat, for those who have decided to continue their journey with us on the program of cultural tours in Morocco. Info ; marrakechtodesert

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