Legzira Beach Sidi Ifni Morocco

Legzira Beach, Sidi Ifni, Morocco

Legzira Beach is an amazingly beautiful stretch of Atlantic coast in the fabulous country of Morocco. This picturesque place is unique for its coastline, which is cut into the ocean by cliffs of rich dark orange color.


Legzira Beach is located far from major cities on Morocco‘s southwest coast. The popular resort of Agadir is 150 km away. The nearest settlement is the small town of Sidi Ifni, 10 km away.

How to get there:

The only public transport option in this part of the country is the bus. The main carriers are CTM and Supratours.

Where to stay:

On the beach itself Legzira is located several small hotels and restaurants. The place is very nice, suitable for those who want a break from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Sidi Ifni is a tiny town that you can walk around in half a day. Perfectly suits the tastes of those who do not want to give up the benefits of civilization, but wants to experience the atmosphere of the traditional lifestyle of a small Moroccan town. And if you are here, do not miss the local market, which sells the most delicious and cheapest in all Morocco “Milfey”. A good option for accommodation in Sidi Ifni can be a small hotel Xanadu

What to see:

The main stretch of coast that deserves special attention is located 7 km north of Sidi Ifni and occupies a strip of beach 5 km long. Intricately shaped cliffs, alternating with small bays and luxurious long beaches stretch all the way to the small “island of life” of Legzira, with only a few houses (hotels and cafes).

Fortunately, Legzira can still boast the absence of a large flow of tourists. Thanks to this secluded beaches can be enjoyed sometimes in complete solitude, which gives the surrounding landscape an even more “cosmic” look.

But it is worth bearing in mind that, depending on the time of day, some parts of the beach may be flooded, which leads to complete isolation of some bays, so not to be trapped, you need to be extremely careful and it is advisable to familiarize yourself with the schedule of tides in advance.

For those who stay in Legzira, everything is very simple – the Atlantic coast is at your disposal, you just need to leave the hotel. For those who prefer to experience the flavor of Sidi Ifni, an adventure awaits.

According to the route of Google Maps the distance from Sidi Ifni to Legzira is 12 km. Of course you can take a bus (any bus going in that direction will do) or a cab, but for those who like to explore the beauty of nature a full day hike in such an incredible place will be very interesting. The map shows a rough route for such a walk in one direction, as it is still worth taking transport back.

The first 6 km is along the road, but the traffic is not busy at all, and there is a brand new sidewalk adjacent to the road. Once the town is behind us and the pass is passed, there is an excellent panoramic view of Sidi Ifni.

Further on both sides of the road are hills strewn with numerous cacti and other thorns.

But even among these thorns there are wild blooming specimens

Soon there is an opportunity to turn to a hiking trail that leads to the shore. It’s a long walk, not the most comfortable or obvious, so it makes sense to have a map, comfortable shoes, and In the end, the trail will lead to that breathtaking view for which people from all corners of the earth come here. a supply of drinking water. However, the beauty of these places is worth the trip.

After enjoying the incredible beauty of the cliffs from the top, you can go down and look at them from the shore.

The road ahead is easy and very pleasant, especially if you walk barefoot on the sand, washed by the refreshing water of the Atlantic.

When you reach the small cabin in the rock, it may seem that the way along the beach is impossible. However, the continuation of the beach is behind the ledge of the rock, just walk less than knee-deep in water. The owner of the hut will gladly help and even lead the lost travelers to the other side, without asking for a dirham in return.

After traveling all this way, you will see perhaps the most famous rock of the entire Moroccan coast.

It is here where you are likely to meet the first tourists on your long journey, because less than a kilometer away is the cherished island of life on this deserted coast. Cute hotels mixed with colorful cafes pleasantly dilute the landscape, and delicious tajines served in them perfectly satisfy the appetite.

To get back to Sidi Ifni, you must take the main road and catch the first bus or car you see. And if you’re lucky, you can take a ride with the nice local policemen, caringly offering their help.,,,,

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