Tours in Morocco for 2023

Tours in Morocco for 2023

On the shores of the Mediterranean Sea is an amazingly beautiful country of Morocco. It is here in recent years, a lot of Russian tourists seek it because of the high level of service, reasonable prices and a huge variety of entertainment.

We propose to explore what to do in the country and what to visit?

Morocco: all-inclusive tours in 2023

Best resorts:

Agadir is the tourist gem of Morocco. The town is separated from the desert by a mountain chain. The sun shines here 350 days a year. This place is for the most demanding vacationers who are used to getting the best.

The eastern city of Marrakech, which is appreciated for its clean beaches and the opportunity to learn a lot about local history, as well as visit the colorful attractions.

Casablanca is a modern city suitable for those who want to relax without falling out of the urban culture.

Essaouira is an ideal choice for surfing fans, as it offers excellent waves.

The country’s center of culture and religion is Fez. Tourist season starts in spring and lasts until mid-autumn.

Morocco tours for two in 2023: prices

Chic beaches that are a must-visit:

Dakta – kite beach.

Oualidia – a tranquil atmosphere in the low season. The lagoon is separated from the ocean by cliffs.

Legzira – striking with the beauty of five arches of rocks.

Moulay Busselam – high dunes protect the coast from the Sahara winds.

Agadir – this is the most popular vacation spot.

Bouzika – a cozy beach that stretches between Casablanca and Rabat.

Skirat is popular with surfers.

Promotional tour to Morocco-2023

Almost all travel agency clients wonder, what is a promotional tour? Features:

An agent goes on a trip with a clearly defined goal.

The travel agent needs to provide as much information as possible to interest the potential client.

For the average vacationer, a trip on a promotional tour will be very inexpensive. But you should be prepared that on the beach to spend all your free time will not work. Such a vacation is only suitable for active people who like to learn something new.

The traveler can take advantage of all the services that the hotel offers, so wishing to purchase such a trip is always a lot.

Morocco: “last minute” tours in 2023

Why are so popular for a trip for two to Morocco? Advantages of the holiday:

Great sightseeing program.

Arabian exotic.

Comfortable weather conditions.

Opportunity to do surfing and active sports.

Mass oriental markets.

Exciting shopping.

You can book a trip to the Sahara.

Thalassotherapy centers.

Excellent ecotourism.

Tasty and unusual cuisine.

Visa-free regime for Russians.

Morocco: tours prices and early booking

The cost of the trip:

In three-star hotels from 770 euros.

In 4* hotels from 850 euro.

In 5* – from 1050 euro.

Early booking allows you to save up to 40% of the trip price. Many people ask, how is such variant more profitable than a last minute trip? Now you do not have to wait for a discount and be content with what is left. You choose a vacation for two, which will bring real pleasure!

Excursion Tours in Morocco 2023

Attractions of the country:

Meknes is an ancient imperial city. Every vacationer can visit the square with snake charmers, fortune tellers, jugglers, magicians, admire the ancient architecture and luxurious gardens.

The ruins of the city of Volubilis, which was founded in the 3rd century BC.

The most religious structure of the country is the majestic mosque of Hassan II.

The most popular park in Marrakech, which is called the Gardens of Menard.

The dunes of the Erg Chebbi Desert.

The symbol of the city of Tangier – the grottoes of Hercules.

The picturesque Majorelle Gardens.

Enjoy the unique beauty of the Todra Gorge.

The Bahia Palace with its beautiful decorations.

The symbol of victory – El Badi palace.

The city fortress on the heights of the Kasbah in Agadir.

The shrine of Marrakech, the Koutoubia Mosque.

The Arab League Park, created by French designers in 1920-1930.

Almost every tour operator offers to include an excursion tour.

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