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Excursions in Morocco in Russian: prices and reviews

All tangerine lovers surely know that the best ones come from Morocco. And for tireless travelers, this former French colony in northern Africa, now developing at a rapid pace, is an alluring dream. And if you are lucky enough to buy a good trip to the “tangerine paradise”, do not forget to think about the organization of leisure – first of all, try to book a non-trivial and entertaining excursion to Morocco with a Russian-speaking guide.

And by tradition, we intend to make your life easier by telling you everything you wanted to know, but were afraid to ask 🙂 about excursions in Morocco in Russian. You will learn where, how and when it is faster and more profitable to buy them, how much excursions with Russian guides cost and how much tourists like traveling. Be sure to get tips on ways to save on the price of tours in Morocco. And we’ll also tell you which cities in the kingdom have Russian-speaking guides, and what locations you’ll see during their excursions.

Where to buy tours in Morocco in 2023

Spending part of your vacation picking up a tour of Morocco in Russian is like going to an unfamiliar country and trying to book a hotel room upon arrival. You will have to run around looking for something suitable, and not the fact that in the end you will get the best option. Local travel agencies in large Moroccan cities still have a chance to find something reasonable, but a Russian escort is not worth the effort. Street agents are likely to buy something completely “inedible” and then have to swallow tears of disappointment and bite your elbows 🙂 And so we advise to think through all the journey, including pre-order a tour to Morocco via the Internet. And of all the online services we personally use Tripster, and now will tell you why a more worthy alternative still do not see.

and this immediately removes the problem of the “language barrier” for anyone who does not know a foreign language. Programs are presented really good content, and the prices of excursions in Morocco are affordable for any vacation budget. You can talk to any guide before buying a tour online to check how much of what is stated in the presentation corresponds to reality. This also helps to understand the reviews. When booking a small advance payment is made, and these 10-20% of the cost is refunded if you withdraw the reservation, having changed your mind to go on the tour. The deposit is made online, and the rest of the money is handed over in person to the guide when you meet him. This means that you didn’t come to the place you wanted to go and didn’t see any guide. Well, the reservation itself on Tripster takes a few minutes – the main thing that the desired day in the calendar of the excursion is not busy.

If you don’t want to tighten your belt after your trip, try to find a way to save money on everything, including tours. And you can do this on Tripster in several ways. The easiest is to wait until there is a red flag on the tour with the size of the discount, and quickly buy the tour. Or find a guide who provides a discount on certain days (these days are marked in the calendar of detailed presentation of the tour with a yellow corner). You can also ask for a discount from the guide during online communication, and get it more likely if you are not traveling in high season or are willing to buy several tours from one organizer. Also, Tripster guarantees that if you find somewhere else a similar tour cheaper, you will be refunded the difference. But this way you need a lot of free time and are unlikely to give the expected result.

Excursions to cities in Morocco

What to see in Morocco on excursions? It all depends on the city where you plan to stay. If in Marrakech, in addition to a walk through the old part and explore the ruins of the palace of Qasr al-Badi, the mosque Al-Qutubias and the mausoleum of the Saadites, you can go on a trip to the Atlas Mountains, which have excellent ski slopes, and at the bottom – the authentic Berber villages. Popular with tourists and excursions to Morocco to the Sahara Desert, because the endless “sandbox” everyone wants to see with their own eyes. What else will show Russian-speaking guides in Marrakech and other cities, we will tell you further, and all the tours yourself you can explore on this page.

Excursions in Agadir

The sunny resort city in southwest Morocco lures tourists with its best beaches, perfect surfing and sailing conditions, superb seafood in its restaurants, and tireless nightlife. But for all the carefree fun and entertainment, tourists don’t forget to discover the city’s rich history in the ruins of the ancient citadel of the Kasbah, in the Valley of Birds Park, or in the colorful Agadir Souk souk. Walking around the old part of Agadir is especially interesting, because here you can feel the atmosphere of the East, and from the observation deck you can see the port, shipyards, beaches, and villas of the local rich. And tourists are also very popular excursions to Morocco from Agadir with a visit to the Paradise Valley, the Sahara Desert, the National Park of Sousse Massa or “review” in Marrakech.

Excursions in Casablanca

In addition to great beaches and bustling markets, traditional workshops of Moroccan craftsmen and excellent eateries with national cuisine, tourists seek in Casablanca and visiting attractions. They rightly include the Moorish palace of Mahakma do Pasha, the magnificent mosque of Hassan the Second, the French mansions of the early 20th century. And if there is an experienced guide from among the locals, he will help look into the homes of the inhabitants and learn about the peculiarities of life, traditions and culture, which can not be read in any guidebook. Popular tours of Morocco from Casablanca traditionally involve a trip to Marrakech, Rabat, Fez, Chefchaouen, Meknes and the secret oyster farm in Oualidia.

Excursions in Marrakech

During the tour in Marrakech tourists are necessarily brought to the Jamaa el-Fna Square. It is there that the authentic flavor of the square, which is created by exotic dancers and dexterous acrobats, equally dexterous, but in a different sense fortune-tellers with squealing monkeys on their shoulder and tireless snake charmers. You can visit the Majorelle Garden, which separates the old Muslim neighborhoods from the new part of town, and admire the majestic Bahia City Palace and the most beautiful palace of the Maghreb. For a unique experience, it is worth stopping by the local market, especially since the guide is ready to teach you how to haggle in Moroccan – excitement and no hard feelings. And you can also explore Marrakech today or visit the Jewish quarter, take an ethnographic journey to the valley of the Urika or look at the city while flying in a hot air balloon.

Excursions in Essaouira

The old part of the port city, surrounded by massive fortress walls, is listed by UNESCO, so the curious tourist on a tour in Essaouira has a lot to see and admire. Authentic houses with distinctive blue shutters will be replaced by sea fortresses, and from the bustling market (in Essaouira, incidentally, several markets) will not be easy to leave without shopping. From the cozy café you can quickly move to the port, where the smell of fish is wild, but the pictures are very atmospheric. Or climb the walls of the citadel, which offer the best panoramas of the city and the coastline. The local beach, while not ideal for swimming, is perfect for sunbathing, romantic strolls, and watching soccer games played non-stop by locals.

Tourist reviews of Morocco tours

Do you want to know what Russian tourists think about traveling in Morocco with Russian guides? Then read the reviews here – on the page where there is a general feed of comments. If you want an opinion on a specific program, go to the city where you plan to stay, click on the favorite program or the name of a guide, and find out the pros and cons of the tour and its organizer. Several times we met that tourists did not regret that they bought a tour without reviews – and this confirms our experience of buying such tours. True, we carefully read the comments on other programs of the guide organizer, and he did not disappoint us in the end.

Read the reviews, how educated guide invites you on the tour, whether he speaks Russian well, knows a lot about the history and local traditions, is able to take care of comfortable transport and not overcome by greed.  Clearly, we have listed only a small part of what you can read in the comments, so leaf, research and book the best tours in Morocco. And we ran to prepare the next review, thanks to the material based on our own travels, we have enough. Do not miss our new articles is easy – just subscribe to the site or social media communities.

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