MOHAMMEDIA MOROCCO; If tourists want to add a little exoticism to their beach vacations, they often look towards Morocco. What to offer, where to stay? So far, travel agents do not know as much about the destination as, for example, about neighboring Tunisia. Today on Profi.Travel we fill this gap.

If tourists want to add a little exoticism to the beach vacation, then often their eyes turn to Morocco. Tours to North Africa is gradually interested in more travelers from Russia. What to offer, where to settle? While travel agents know about the direction is not as much as, for example, about neighboring Tunisia. But there is not only beach vacation, but also the opportunity to plunge into an oriental fairy tale with its ancient buildings, bazaars and traders. Today on Profi.Travel – a review of resorts in Morocco.

To the pros of vacation in Morocco can be attributed: visa-free entry for Russians, comfortable climate (Oualidia, Agadir), warm Mediterranean Sea, the Atlantic Ocean for hunters to water sports, wide opportunities for thalassotherapy. Fans of historical excursions will also find something to their liking, because this country has absorbed African, Eastern and European cultures.

Specialists note that you can vacation in Morocco at any time, depending on the part of the country and the purpose of the trip. The optimal combination of water and air temperature for beach vacations is from June to September. After September it is better to take sightseeing tours.

The season on both coasts – Mediterranean and Atlantic – is the same: from June to April. However, experts note that on the Atlantic coast of the country tourists will find a milder climate than on the Mediterranean coast, where it can be quite hot in July-August.

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Time difference with Moscow is 3 hours.

The currency unit is Moroccan dirham (MAD).USD = 8,3 MAD, and EUR = 11,1 MAD.

Season – June-September – beach, September-April – sightseeing, sports (surfing, trekking).

Air temperature – on the Mediterranean in summer about +24-28 C (sometimes reaching +30-35 C and higher, in case of wind blowing from the Sahara), in winter +10-12 C. In the south, up to +37 C in summer and +5 C in winter. Daily temperature difference can reach 20 degrees.

Water temperature is 20-23C in July.

Flight time – 6.5 hours (from Moscow), 6 (from St. Petersburg).

If we talk about flight programs to Morocco, direct flights from Moscow are offered to Agadir and Casablanca. Tourists from other cities of Russia, as well as from Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan will have to get there with a connection in Moscow or major foreign hubs, the most popular for this direction are connections in Madrid, Istanbul, Paris, Frankfurt, Zurich and Brussels. For tourists from the Far East, there is an option to fly via Seoul.

Most scheduled flights are to Casablanca, then the tourist can wait for a land transfer or air flight to Agadir.

Flight schedule from Russia (Moscow) to Morocco (Agadir, Casablanca).

Features of the hotel base

Morocco has a European classification of hotels, although some operators note that hotels in Morocco may be somewhat inferior to the generally accepted standards of hotels of the relevant category, especially in smaller cities.

In large resorts, a tourist can expect a high level of service. For example, European hotel chains (Sofitel, Iberostar, RIU) are widely spread in Agadir. There are hotels here and “local” origin and the neighborhood of famous competitors, forcing them to meet the bar. And those who can not boast of infrastructure, try to compensate for the shortcomings of the national flavor and hospitable, helpful staff.

The average cost of a week’s accommodation for two people starts from 1200 euros and does not exceed 2000 euros.

Most often Maroocan hotels offer BB, HB and FB meals. Slightly less common is the AI system.

If a tourist goes on the BB or RO system, then meals outside the hotel will cost about 10-15 euros per person at a time.


MOHAMMEDIA MOROCCO: A place little known to the general public. I found it in just a couple of reports about Morocco, studied the theory and included it in our Morocco itinerary. Not only did I not regret the choice, but I would gladly return here again for a full vacation.

From Essaouira to Oualidia is 200 km, most of the way is on the autobahn and is easily passed in 3 hours. I advise you to drive along the ocean, it’s a bit longer but much more scenic, the road is excellent and generally not stressful.

Along the way there are a couple of transient surf beaches near the town of Safi that you can stop at.

Walidia is a large lagoon that is separated from the ocean. The place is famous for its seafood – in Oualidia they catch a huge amount of crabs, oysters and other shellfish, which are shipped all over the country and exported.

Here you can complement your beach vacation with a romantic lunch/dinner at a table at the edge of the ocean and eat local seafood. The place is unique and atmospheric in its own way, I recommend it.

Hualidia is a local resort, not many tourists, mostly French and locals. The place is quiet and peaceful, without partying and noise.

Infrastructure – beach chairs, cafes, restaurants, hotels and private houses – apartments.

You can pass the beach with a stopover for a few hours, but it is better to spend here a full one day at least.

How to rent a car in Morocco

MOHAMMEDIA MOROCCO; Mohammedia Travel Guide

.Just like in any other European country, Rentalcars will help. It’s the same as Booking, only in the world of rental cars. The rental price is on average 23-25 euros per day for a modest, but well-proven Dacia Sandero that has been rented for 3 weeks.

MOHAMMEDIA MOROCCO; Mohammedia Travel Guide

One of the options in Mohammedia is the apartment “Résidence Balnéaire OUBAHA” (address: Plage Sablette Pont Blondin route côtiere , 20652). Each room of this residence, with a total capacity of up to five people, is equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable vacation of tourists. The total living space is 80 square meters. The apartment is divided into two living rooms with two sofa beds and two bedrooms, each with single or double beds. The rooms are decorated quite simply, but everything is organized quite functionally. There is a small kitchen where you can prepare your own meals using a microwave or oven. A set of all necessary utensils can be found here. You can find all the food you need for cooking in the small stores in the neighborhood of your apartment. There is a dining area in the dining area.

MOHAMMEDIA MOROCCO; Is the answer helpful?


Asila is the huge oceanfront fortress of El Kamra, inherited from the Portuguese. The local blue-and-white medina is a bit smaller, but cleaner and better maintained than in Essaouira. There are traditionally a lot of riads (mini-hotels) with rooftop terraces overlooking the ocean and the old city.

The decoration of the city is a large beach with yellowish sand and a yacht marina, from which it is convenient to spend the day and watch the setting sun, nestled on the rocks.

Under the fortress there are small secluded pieces of beach, protected from the eyes of the stone embankment and the fortress wall, here as well as in Essaouira gather hippies and sympathizers, but in general they are smaller.

On weekends, the city center outside the medina turns into an Arab market. For lovers of local color, this is the place to be.

There are fewer fish restaurants than in Oualidia, but they are there, as the village has fishing roots.

We spent two nights and a full day in Asila, which was enough to explore the town. The beach is nice, but it’s not a resort, I wouldn’t stay longer than a couple days.

That’s it for now. Five best beach resorts plus the package-resort Agadir, for the first acquaintance with Morocco is more than enough, I think.

Any of the above places can be combined with recognized centers of interest in Morocco such as Rabat, Chevchaouen, Fez, Meknes, Merzouga and Tangier.

MOHAMMEDIA MOROCCO; Review of Morocco resorts: where and when to go on vacation

The main question of a tourist who goes on a beach vacation in the Kingdom – Where is the best place to vacation in Morocco? Here arises a reasonable question of not only the most beautiful locations, but also the most suitable places that will satisfy your ideas about the right beach hotel or resort.

Beaches in Morocco stretch from the southernmost point in the Western Sahara to the north-western tip of the Atlantic Ocean at Casablanca and Rabat. The northern part of Morocco is washed by the waters of the Mediterranean Sea, and few people know, but here you can also organize a beach tour in a luxury resort, and in some respects it can be even better than a vacation in the famous

MOHAMMEDIA MOROCCO; Moroccan resort of Agadir.

The peculiarities of vacation in Morocco at sea have their own specifics – it is important to know the location of not only the most beautiful beaches, but also to know the seasons – when the sea or ocean is the warmest, when there are no strong penetrating winds from the Atlantic or, for example, whether the hotel has a heated pool for winter vacation. Some beach hotels are ideal for surfers, while others are perfect for couples or families with children.Some beaches are just appropriate for walking and sunbathing, while others are swimmable.

Let’s try to make our rating of the best resorts in the country, the best beach hotels in Morocco, as well as focus on the specifics of each place depending on the bathing conditions and the beauty of the beach.

MOHAMMEDIA MOROCCO; Vacation with children in Mohammedia: is it worth going?


That magic word – Morocco. How much it says, at least to a woman’s heart. And we somehow even forget that this country is actually in Africa, we perceive it as a brilliant oriental fairy tale. And how can we not introduce a fairy tale to a child? It’s a good idea. But before embarking on a family trip, it is necessary to explore a foreign country from all sides. In fact, Morocco – despite its rather large distance from Europe – has long been one of the most sought-after destinations. We, accustomed to snowmen and snowstorms, are very impressed by its mild and simultaneously hot climate, luxurious flora and grandiosity of the Atlantic Ocean.When choosing Moroccan resorts, people frequently visit the capital, Rabat, affluent Casablanca, historic Fez, the neighborhood “Switzerland,” Ifrane, and flowery Marrakech.However, those tourists who like to find in each state something at first glance inconspicuous, but in fact deserving sincere sympathy choose resorts with less “loud” names.


As for accommodation for a family trip – in such a small city you should not expect a rich choice. However, there are several European 2-3 star hotels and a couple of luxury hotels, which are much cheaper than in Casablanca. With a child, of course, it is better to give preference to the “luxury” option, especially since it is represented here is not a skyscraper: a neat building Amphitrite Beach Hotel in three floors with a number of rooms about 160, its pool, business center, quality spa services, Turkish bath and other hotel delights. For family travelers is very convenient service “booking excursions (tickets)”, you can for a fee to arrange babysitting for the kids, Wi-Fi, breakfast and fresh press in the lobby – completely free. The location of this very young (just over four years since opening) hotel is also very convenient – in the heart of the city, and nearby, literally within walking distance is the Mohammedia Royal Golf Club. If you choose Mohammedia as the final destination of your trip, you will of course also learn about the large oil refinery located here, which, by the way, provides

The central park was created with this money. However, if you find such a neighborhood unacceptable, listen to the advice of experienced travelers: the abundance of rich vegetation not only perfectly masks modern production, but also thoroughly cleans the air. But if such a neighborhood seems unacceptable to you, then listen to the advice of experienced travelers: an excess of rich vegetation not only perfectly disguises modern production, but also thoroughly cleans the air. In addition, the local authorities will not neglect the good name of the resort – an ancient city, and are doing everything necessary to protect the environment.

With all the undoubted advantages of Moroccan vacation, you have to remember about the disadvantages, especially if you have a child with you. In general, health care in this country is quite well developed, but you can count on quality medical care, rather in big cities, for example, in Casablanca, neighboring with Mohammedia. Emergency care for both children and adults is free, but only in extreme cases. The general trend, however, is towards paid medical services. It is accepted not only for foreign visitors, but also for their own citizens. Of course, it is more advisable not to go to “extreme cases”: drink only bottled water, eat in reputable restaurants and cafes, avoid treats from other people’s hands, etc. Actually, these tips are true for parents-tourists in any hot country. It is better for children to put on the dinner table familiar to them European dishes, rather than national ones, which Moroccans are very fond of seasoning with fresh herbs and sharp or spicy spices.

MOHAMMEDIA MOROCCO; Going on vacation with kids


That magic word – Morocco. How much it says, at least to a woman’s heart. And we somehow even forget that this country is actually in Africa, we perceive it as a brilliant oriental fairy tale. And how can we not introduce a fairy tale to a child? It’s a good idea. But before embarking on a family trip, it is necessary to explore a foreign country from all sides. In fact, Morocco – despite its rather large distance from Europe – has long been one of the most sought-after destinations. We, accustomed to snowmen and snowstorms, are very impressed by its mild and simultaneously hot climate, luxurious flora and grandiosity of the Atlantic Ocean.The most popular Moroccan resorts include the capital, Rabat, the opulent Casablanca, the historic Fez, the “Switzerland” of the region, Ifrane, and the flower-filled Marrakech.. However, those tourists who like to find in each state something at first glance inconspicuous, but in fact deserving sincere sympathy choose resorts with less “loud” names. Mohammedia became one of them.

The port town, which is not particularly large but is really old, does not have any ultra-modern water parks, vast oceanariums, or amusement parks, yet it is so wonderful walk here with children – an abundance of tropical greenery, preserved its archaic appearance of the houses of locals, where window trims and balconies are decorated with flowering plants; fresh ocean breeze, reaching every … read more fully

MOHAMMEDIA MOROCCO; An Eastern Moroccan fairy tale

Before traveling to this country, I knew about Morocco only what I saw in the TV series “Clone”. I was mesmerized by the oriental flavor, the desert and the ocean, the inhabitants and their customs, so when the opportunity to go to Morocco appeared, I packed my suitcase without thinking for a long time.

Having arrived at the airport I was disappointed: an ordinary building, a lot of cars and no oriental fairy tale, and the wind was just icy, I had to put on a warm jacket. However, the weather did not prevent us to walk along the embankment (by the way, be prepared for the fact that they speak very little English there, mostly in French), there were few tourists in May, and for the locals we were probably exotic. After a walk along the seafront we tried Moroccan tea with mint – a surprisingly tasty drink, I liked it immediately, all the time I spent in Morocco I drank only it.

At the end of the second day in Casablanca the weather turned bad, and in order not to sit in the hotel we took a cab (not a cheap pleasure by the way) and went to Marrakech. That’s where the whole oriental flavor that I expected appeared. Architecture, terracotta color, bright sun and unique smells of spices at the local market (called muk) – that’s how I can probably characterize Marrakech. There is such an abundance of goods in the market that you don’t know what to look at first. Ceramic vases and plates with the finest oriental patterns (by the way, I bought two of them and was very afraid that I would not bring them home, but the merchant packed everything so well that everything arrived safe and sound), unusual. read completely

Useful review?

MOHAMMEDIA MOROCCO; Morocco Travel Guide

AnastasiaZ There are 2 answers to this question, you are looking at the best answer

For many years, Morocco is in great demand among tourists from different countriesThis location has recently gained popularity among Russian tourists as a result of airlines that have begun offering direct charter flights. Morocco really deserves to come here to rest – here is the highest level of service, comfortable hotels, ready to satisfy every whim of the most capricious and demanding guests. Many hotels provide spa services, thalassotherapy, which is a particular success among the beautiful half.

Also, it is worth noting the national cuisine: couscous, roasted meat of young lamb, pastilla, marinated beef in sauce and much more. Not one dish will leave you indifferent.

National dish couscous.

MOHAMMEDIA MOROCCO; Pros of vacationing in Morocco.

1. visa-free entry into the country. In order to fly here on vacation, there is no need to obtain a visa, the country does not have any restrictions for entry into its territory of tourists.

2. favorable and comfortable climate for year-round recreation. However, for beach tourism in

Morocco it is better to come in the period from May to October.

3. rich excursion program. The nation is full in historically significant sites, many of which are under UNESCO protection.

4. an excellent place for beach vacation. Morocco has two coasts for tourists to choose from: Atlantic and Mediterranean.

5. 5. The chance to experience the oriental flavor firsthand and explore numerous markets. read completely

MOHAMMEDIA MOROCCO; Is the answer helpful?


Geography: Located in the harbor at the extreme northern point of Morocco. It is washed by the Strait of Gibraltar.

Type of vacation: Beach, sightseeing, there are night entertainment: bars, discos.

MOHAMMEDIA MOROCCO; Beaches: Public beach. Very crowded.

Hotels: In the central part of the city – fashionable hotels for business people, inexpensive and more chamber hotels and guest houses – in remote areas.

Additions: The most picturesque place – “Grottoes of Hercules” in the area of Cape Spartel – many kilometers of labyrinths

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